Reality of Pictures

Reality of Pictures
Pictures are not a sign of reality, but pictures can be real.Pictures are never the same as the original, but the real things are in images format.
Reality of Pictures

Reality behind the Images
One fact and the other is what we see in the pictures and there is another reality which is not visible, but the real reality is that.
Pictures never show us both sides of something .We think that what we see is all but the truth is something else.
One thing the pictures are so amazing about is that they are never the change these always same. No matter how much people and the world change..

Usage of Photography and images
 Photography is an amazing and large industry of images, pictures and photos. Photography is also growing day by day and its use also growing Fastly in different sectors. Like images are being used in Newspapers, Headlines, NEWS Buliten, blogg writing, making videos, presentations making and even all fields of routine life is full of images and photography.

If we say that life without photography is completely colorless, then nothing will go wrong. Photography made life more colorful with its un believable usages.
We can make our daily routine lifestyle pictures and some special times selfies like at Morning and evening and night time and can share with our lovely friends and family members. It can give us more pleasure in our boring life. We can change our boring life into Enjoy Full Life.
We can take pictures on special occasions, special events and special Dinners etc to make as memorable moments of life.

Every picture will give you back that time and pleasures which age and time was at capturing the photos.
Stay blessed stay motivated GOOD BYE


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