What is Photography and types of Photography

What is Photography
Before understanding the photography we have to understand that photography is not a single word. It is a joint word of two word 'Photo and' Graphy'. So photo means Light and graphy means drawing. So Photography Means drawing with lights.
What is Photography  and types of Photography

Photography does not just mean taking pictures with a camera or making your own selfies.Rather, photography is the name of a Passion and emotion or furies.
In which they push the heel to show the things made of Allah better and better and show perfect to perfect.

In other words the people also said that photography is an art of capturing the beautiful images and producing in Form of film is called photography.

As science is evolving rapidly, so has the field of photography also developed and new technologies being used in it as form of Digital photography.
The pictures handling is now possible because of digital photography otherwise it was a very serious and boring work of handling the photos.

 Benifits of Photography
  • Wildlife photography determine the life of animals.
  • The glamour of models and fashion shows are in complete without photography. 
  • Making or preparing a catalog and pumphlets of any business can not be complete without images and pictures for the promoting of their products. 
  • Advertising Companies using the large scale of images for selling products. So products selling fields also requires photography for their own products and services. 
  • Content writing and preparing the books for education and all other business purpose also need the Quality images of that Subject. 
The pictures also used in crime investigation in all over the world. Usually in crime investigation Black and White pictures used. What is Fundamentals behinds this we don't know. But image are playing an important role in that field.
Types of Photography 
There are Numerous types of Photography but some of them mentioned below. 
  1. Art Photography 
  2. Commercial photography 
  3. Creative photography 
  4. Abstract photography 
  5. Documentary photography 
  6. Fashion photography 
  7. Adventure photography
  8. Social Media photography 
  9. Traveling photography 
  10. Wildlife photography 
  11. Wedding photography 
  12. Family photography 
  13. History photography 
  14. Sports photography
  15. History photography and many others field and types of Photography are available. 
Given all these points we can imagine how big this field of Photography. 


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